The Regional Academies of Sport (NSW) Incorporated (RASi) network covers each of the points of the compass in NSW. The Regional Academies of Sport Incorporated is a unique body representing the nine (9) Regional Academies of Sport (RAS) operating across New South Wales. Member Academies include Central Coast Academy of Sport, Hunter Academy of Sport, Illawarra Academy of Sport, North Coast Academy of Sport, Northern Inland Academy of Sport, Southern Sports Academy, South West Sydney Academy of Sport, Western Region Academy of Sport and Western Sydney Academy of Sport.

The Regional Academies represent an extensive geographic area across NSW, over 100 Local Government areas and provides support services for some 2,000 athletes, 300 coaching and program staff with a combined annual operating budget in excess of $4 million. In essence, RASi represents individual Academies that are the delivery arm of pre elite athlete development programs.

The Vision of the collective network is ‘To be a collaborative, efficient and integrated lead organisation for Regional Academies of Sport’.


Since the establishment of the inaugural Academy in 1985 – located in the Illawarra region – Regional Academies have played a significant role in the recognised and endorsed high performance pathway across a large range of sport disciplines.

The Regional Academies’ role is to prepare talented young pre-elite male and female athletes for the rigours of the elite levels of their chosen sport. Regional Academies provide critical opportunities for young sports people to access quality support and development opportunities in an holistic environment – opportunities that would not otherwise be available.

As a part of the Australian Institute of Sport’s Winning Edge Strategy, the FTEM (Foundations | Talent | Elite | Mastery) Model was developed to identify elite pathways in Australian sport. The Regional Academies of Sport are recognised in the FTEM model. The Academies operate in the T (Talent) section of the model, moving athletes from T1 to T4.

Regional Academies assist young sports people overcome barriers to technical, educational and personal development by providing localised programs, access to learning resources and camps and competitions. Regional Academy development programs have a strong and sustained record of producing sporting and community leaders across NSW.

An additional eight Regional Academies have been established since 1985 with all operating as independent community based organisations with a focus on the advancement of youth and sport in regional and rural NSW.

“The F.T.E.M. model was adopted by the Australian Sports Commission to define high performance pathways in Australian sports. The RASi collective are commissioned by many sports to operate in the T (Talent) section of the pathway moving athletes from T1 to T4”


The Regional Academies work collaboratively to present a range of corporate partnership benefits and opportunities to our sponsors. The Academy Games presents a highly attractive vehicle to gain brand awareness and reach within the sporting and general community, while opportunities exist with events and inter-Academy tournaments.

RASi has and continues to forge strong relationships with a variety of key stakeholders and supporting organisations from within the public and private sectors, all of whom contribute significantly to the sustained operations of RASi as a governing organisation for all its members.

To find out more about how your organisation can partner with RASi please find contacts below:

Ian Robilliard OAM – Chairman
P (02) 4349 7756

Martin Bullock – Secretary
P (02) 4732 4977