The 2022 Your Local Club Academy Games Triathlon races will be held on the 9th-10th April.

Lake Albert
Wagga Wagga

Female Youth

1st – Sky Bell

2nd – Madeline Platt

3rd – Montana Doubell


Male Youth

1st – Ethan Mackie

2nd – Angus Sampson

3rd – Harry Fraser


Female Junior

1st – Lucie Francis

2nd – Jazmine O’brien

3rd – Alexis Bell


Male Junior

1st – Callum Burge

2nd – William Kelly

3rd – Oliver Schumaker


Relay Teams

1st – HAS in 1:20:07 (Grady Platt, Jazmine O’brien, Rohan Barnes Madeline Platt)

2nd – IAS Red in 1:21:42 (Harry Fraser, Skye Bell, Callum Burge, Montana Doubell)

3rd – ROSTA IN 1:22:04 (Angus Sampson, Petra Fransen, Rhys Olson-Keating, Annika Ingwersen)

Saturday, April 9th

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Sunday, April 10th

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Cathy Breese
0413 578 650



Danny Russell

0407 235 667


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