The 2023 Your Local Club Academy Games Triathlon races will be held on the 22nd-23rd April.

Bolton Park Precinct
Wagga Wagga

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Saturday 22nd April 2023

6.30am              Registration and transition open

7.15am              Athlete welcome and briefing

7.30am              Individual Draft Legal Heat 1 (200,5.5, 1500m)

8.00am              Individual Draft Legal Heat 2 (200,5.5, 1500m)

8.30am              Individual Draft Legal Heat 3 (200, 5.5, 1500m)

9.00am              Individual Draft Legal Heat 4 (200, 5.5, 1500m)

9.30am              BREAK

10.00am            Individual Draft Legal D FINAL (200, 5.5, 1500m)

10.30am            Individual Draft Legal C FINAL (200, 5.5, 1500m)

11.00am            Individual Draft Legal B FINAL (200,5.5, 1500m)

11.30am            Individual Draft Legal A FINAL (200,5.5, 1500m)

12noon              PRESENTATIONS


Sunday 23rd April 2023

7.00am              Registration and transition open

7.45am              Athlete briefing

8.00am              MIXED TEAM RELAY YOUTH AND JUNIOR (200 swim, 5.5, 1500)

10.15am            YOUTH PRESENTATIONS


There will be no car parking at the Bolton Park Carpark as it is closed to general traffic.  There is plenty of carparking across the road in a council carpark (unlimited time on the roof) and there is also 3 hour parking underneath the Wagga Wagga MarketPlace.



The Wagga Wagga City Council and Oasis staff have generously kept the pool going for the event so we ask that all spectators enter through the front door of the facility and purchase a $2 spectator pass each day.


Cathy Breese – Southern Sports Academy

Emily Robinson – Illawarra Academy of Sport



Geoff Breese


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