The 2022 Your Local Club Academy Games Hockey tournament will be held on the 8th-10th April.

Jubilee Park Hockey Complex
344 Bourke St,


1 v 4 Boys                                            Metro 0 v WRAS 0 – Metro through to the GF


1 v 4 Girls                                            Metro 2 v Hunter 0


Grand Final Boys                              Hunter 4 v Metro 2 (Shoot Out))


Grand Final Girls                               Metro 3 v NIAS 0 (Shoot Out)


Boys 5/6 Play-off                              NIAS 2 v SWSAS 0


Girls 5/6 Play Off                              NCAS 2 v WRAS 0 (Shoot Out)



Regional Academies of Sport Incorporated (RASi) is a unique
body representing the 9 Regional Academies of Sport
that operate across New South Wales.